Sex position that most people are scared to try


Talking about sex is difficult, Especially for those who don’t know things about it

It can take them so much time to build up the confidence and trust to talk to their partner about what they really want and feel in the bedroom.

However, even when you get to a point when you feel happy telling your other half your desires, it can still be nerve-wracking.

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There are some positions that men and women are very nervous to try, even if they really want to.

a new study reveals the sex positions that men and women are most anxious to try out.

Top of the list is the 69 standing position.

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More than 42% of men reveals the thought of trying this position makes them very anxious, with 56.8% of women with the same fears.

Second on the list is anal, s 30.5% of men and 54.6% of women.

The kneeling wheelbarrow, scoring 18.6%of men and 24.8% of women.

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Not surprisingly the missionary position is the least anxiety-inducing position at 0.8% for men and one percent for women, followed by doggy style and cowgirl.


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