A Guy Sold his Girlfriend’s V*rginity to Save His Sister’s Surgery

How far can you go just to earn the money that you needed? Some people doesn’t have any problems financially. But others works so hard just to go through the day. A lot of people end their lives because of their problems involving money. They can’t find ways to pay their bills, debts, and everything.

This story posted on a Facebook page went viral after a guy allegedly sold her girlfriend’s virginity to somebody else just to pay her sibling’s hospital bill.

I sold my previous girlfriend’s v*rginity . She did not know that I was not the one she had before. I needed that money.  Because my  Sister was in the hospital. I’ve been asking help from everyone i know . But I still do not have the surgery for my sister in the hospital. I approached our neighbors. he will let me borrow some money if i give him my girlfriend. I was angry at first but later I allowed him to. I said, one night.
he asked if she was still virgin. I said yes. He said i will give you more money for that . he love also i love my girlfriend too.. I really need the money. i told her to have S*x withe me but she did’nt want to,so i forced her so she said yes, so offered her to have a drink with me then she became drunk.
Then i Let my Neighbor in, then i was in the outside. Crying. Asking for forgiveness. Three hours before the he came out. He came to me with money, while blushing. I will add. I did not refuse because I really needed money. When I entered, I was crying for crying. I saw the stain. Her clothes are scattered. I just told her while stroking. I just watched her all night. She just woke up. She smiled at me.
I cried more. She hit me and said that it was okay because I was the first one. She got up to take a bath. When She left in the bathroom, I pulled her arms and hugged her while asking for forgiveness. He just laughed at me. He kissed me and That morning something really happened to us.
I didn’t have the strength to watch her . Not because I was in disgusted with her. I hate myself. What I did was disturbing me. She was very nice to me, yes its ashamed for me to not see her even though its all my fault, however i needed to do this, Im not the one for her, i saved my sister’s life because of the thing i did wrong
I’ve hurt her a lot it is even more painful if she’ll know the truth, its been 2 years now since i hid myself from her, now she’ll be graduating, shes happy without me, a guy like me diserve to suffer all what I’ve done.
So its right for me not to be happy.

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